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I love to travel! Whether I'm relaxing on a white sand beach or sipping cocktails in a new international city, I am always the perfect travel companion. Rest assured, you'll be happy to have me by your side, wherever you are.


Just so you know, if you would like to see me in Milwaukee outside of my     pre-planned travel dates and I am in Chicago, I would love to meet you for       a 2 hours or longer date. 


Upcoming Dates:


I hope everyone is well and staying positive amongst this unfolding crisis. I am thinking about all of you during these challenging times while having to keep my social distance. The evolving impact of what we are experiencing is still unknown, making it harder to assess when I will be available, however this is my tentative schedule for the next few months.


August 2020:     GTA

September 2020:      Chicago, Milwaukee

October 2020:     Philadelphia, NY, Atlanta

November 2020: N & S Carolina and Florida


Stay safe!    

XOXO  Sairah


Please understand that my travel dates are subject to change,

so in order to confirm our date a 25% deposit will be required.

Sairah Jaan