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Who would you prefer as your potential client?

I really love a man that is confident, successful and knows what he wants! A classic alpha male who knows how to enjoy life and treat a lady well. Being charming, generous and fun to be with is an added bonus!


How do you approach donation giving?

Please have a pre-counted donation upon arrival discreetly placed in plain sight preferably in an envelope with my name on it.


What can help you to have a great experience with me? 

When introducing yourself please be clear about what you are looking for & tell me a little bit about yourself. This will most definitely make me feel more comfortable with you and create a more relaxed and therefore more fun environment.


I would love to tell the world about our time together, how do I go about writing a review? 

I love that you enjoyed our time together but please don’t kiss and tell! I'm a private person and prefer to remain discreet. So sshhh!... keep me as your little secret.


Is this an agency?

No, I am an independent companion.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and amazon e gift cards for deposits. Once I receive the Amazon e gift card, we can confirm our rendez vous.  


What turns you on?

I would define myself as a sapiosexual. I find both intelligence and a great sense of humor to be the finest of aphrodisiacs. I also love a deep sensual massage.


Are you available for travel?

Absolutely, I love to travel, and I'm passport ready. Nothing is better than getting to know a new friend (or catching up with an old one) somewhere new. Please email me for more information.


Are your pictures real and recent? 

All my pictures are current and real. I also have all the outfits in my pictures. It is often said that my pictures don't catch the essence of my energy and warmth which are the most alluring parts of my being.


What are your interests?

I love to travel, be outdoors whether hiking or biking,  on a beach with my toes in the warm sand with a cold mojito in hand and I love to curl up with a good book & hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. I also like action and thriller movies, classical Indian music all the way to EDM.


What are your favorite foods?

Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek and comfort food.


Are your donations all inclusive?

Donations are for my time and companionship only.


Do you provide references to other ladies?

Yes I do! I Will provide references to other ladies for clients who I have seen in the last 12 months. Please email me with details of our visit along with the name and email of the provider. This way I am not divulging personal information to someone not authorized to receive such.


Privacy and discretion?

Extremely discreet and respectful of your time and privacy, I also anticipate that you will reciprocate the same discretion towards me. Any information shared by you is destroyed after our meeting and not shared with anyone. Make sure to be open minded to the fact that I do require screening for all new potential clients. I will not see ANYONE that I have not screened. Once you have been screened, we can begin the adventure...


Sairah Jaan